April 28, 2014

Using Drupal Content Channel Tokens with Nodejs

You've decided to add a bit of Node.js functionality to your Drupal site using the Drupal Nodejs Module. After some reading you realize you need to be setting up user message channels using hook_nodejs_user_channels or possibly nodejs_add_user_to_channel. This allows your application to send socket messages to groups of users. Great! But you're writing no simple application. You want to go one step further and manage these channels based not only on some property of the user object, but all users who may be currently viewing a particular Drupal served page. Suddenly the typical user channels no longer cut it. Try as you might, you'll find yourself quickly descending into channel management hell. There has got to be a better way. Thankfully content token channels are here to help.

October 28, 2012

Talking to Drupal with Node.js

As I've mentioned in a previous post sending messages from Drupal to Node is fairly easy to accomplish. However, that is only part of the equation. If we're really wanting to build a larger, more complex Node application, it won't be long before we need the client to talk to the Node server and possibly the Node server to talk to Drupal. At a glance it isn't terribly obvious how to do this with the nodejs integration module, but it turns out there are a few tools tucked in the module code that come to the rescue.

August 12, 2012

Templating the Commerce Order Completion Pane

I recently found myself working on a fairly simple Drupal Commerce site. There weren't a lot of tricks to it, just a few items and an "express" checkout. So I fired up the Commerce Kickstart profile and after a few small tweaks, had it just about right. As we approached the theme, it became obvious that the commerce completion pane was going to take a lot of love. The designers had given us a unique layout for how this page should appear, complete with order specific information displayed in a kaleidoscope of containers. This was going to take some markup, and my first thought was, "it sure would be nice to template this."

April 21, 2012

Module Development with NodeJS Integration

I've been spending some time experimenting with NodeJS in relation to the Drupal environment. In many of these Node/Drupal interactions the NodeJS Integration module has become a key player. There is a very helpful pdf from a talk that beejeebus gave at Drupal camp New Jersey that gives few great visualizations of the underlying principles of how this module works. In essence it "takes care of the plumbing," leaving you, the developer, free to focus on how you would like to integrate. The module is easy to use, and provides a nice set of functions to quickly get rolling. To that point I would like to give a very simple example demonstrating the use of the nodejs integration module.

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